Mullard M8162 ECC81 NOS

Mullard M8162 ECC81 NOS

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Date Added: Friday 16 October, 2009

by jones Toobad

The Mullard M8162 (12AT7) tube is one of those outstanding tubes that, should they be more known, would rate in the league of the ultra famous and sought after 12AX7's such as the Mullard M8137 and the Telefunken EC803S. Although it is quite electrically different to the 12AX7 tubes with a mu of 70, it has lower gain giving it more headroom. It can be used quite safely in V1 or as a phase inverter in V2 in most amps and that includes guitar and HIFI. Be aware , however that all combinations of the 12?family are not successful a 12 AU in V1 with a 12 AX to AT in V2 will take the breath out of your amplifier. Always combine a high Mu in V1 with a lower Mu in the phase inverter. Just common sense.

Although the previous two examples of the 12AX7 appear more flatering to the ear, this tube is very largely superior musically at a 10th of the price. For those who listen to classical and jazz this is the tube for you, and in many configurations it will not let rock&roll down, far from it. You will probably never need more than 3 pairs in your lifetime, if your amp has a good temporization (slow heater for the tubes before the heavy voltage) on start up, they are virtually unkillable?.They are overall slower to warm up and need a good hour to settle in and just get better. Count on a minimum of 50 to 100 hours of break in before you can ear the full magic. The precision and the clarity can only be likened to a swiss precision watch. A tube that is never caught off guard.

This reviewer owns a large collection of the 12? family with an amp that can take any combination without any fluster. The absolute for me is M8162 with E80CC (super 12AU7 in phase inverter). M8167 is unbelievable with E80CC for general applications but at ?250 a pair requires a bit of pacing. For the absolute neutral, Telefunken E803S (nearly impossible to find, prices in the 4th dimension) or Tesla E83CC (identical, little known, still obtainable reasonably)). So if you need to revamp your sound without any absurdly costly outlay try the M8162? The cryo version is a stunner?.@ $34 a goddam steal.

Jonesy in paris

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